Primary Dept.

Grades (1-6) National and International Programs (CP)

The primary school consists of two buildings that are linked by:
  • An outdoor playground furnished with tartan grass.
  • A gym.
  • A library with a large number of reference books and periodics in Arabic, English and French.
  • A computer lab.
  • A science lab.
  • A music room.
  • A drama room.
  • An art studio.
  • A vocational education room.
  • A clinic.
Al-Ra'ed Al-Arabi School aims at creating a generation who understands and respects others’ opinions and cultures. We also work on developing students' skills related to the art of dialogue and research methods by encouraging dialogue and debate sessions throughout the use of research and investigation methods.


In addition to the curricula of the Ministry of Education, Al-Ra'ed Al-Arabi School uses supporting textbooks which build up a rigorous knowledge base for children in National and International programs. These are:
  • Nelson for teaching the English language.
  • Jolly Phonics and Dolch Words for grade 1.
  • Cambridge and Heinemann for Science, Click it for Computer, Hello world kids, Scott Foresman and Heinemann for Math, Better World for Social Studies.


Due to the importance of proficiency in both Arabic and English languages , Al-Ra'ed Al-Arabi School is keen on providing its staff with all the resources and references related to the curricula to assist our children reach the required level of fluency.
We are also devoted to enriching our students’ knowledge in the French language as a tool that paves the way to many opportunities in the future. Many students from our school sit for the DELF exam at all levels every year and achieve excellent results.

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