Secondary Dept.

Secondary Stage Grades (7-12).

RAS (Al-Ra`ed Al-Arabi School) is a balanced learning environment created to develop well-rounded, lifelong learners; all students are equipped with the tools needed to develop necessary skills facing life challenges through a high level of self-discipline, rigorous curriculum, and variety of extracurricular activities.

Students can choose to join one of two educational programs available at RAS: National and International (British Program).

The National Program:

RAS follows the Jordanian curriculum for grades 7-12 designated by Jordanian Ministry of Education.The official language used in the curriculum is Arabic, therefore the following subjects are studied: Arabic, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Math, Computer Science, French, and Arts; yet students from grades 7-10, study vocational, in addition to extra enrichment subjects, such as, English, Science, Math, Computer, French, and Drama.
Grade 11 students are tunneled in the two main streams Scientific, and Literary.

International Program:

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